Ad Fraud Prevention

AFP Battlecard

Ad Fraud Prevention (AFP) is applicable to any business advertising online through many channels. We can detect on all Channels; protection is limited to what the channels allow

ViDrate Case Study

Results: With Veracity Trust Network’s ad fraud prevention in place, ViDrate saw a 45% reduction in fraudulent traffic. This resulted in thousands more real people engaging. Over the last 6 months, the results have been noticeable very quickly. This was across Facebook and Google. Veracity Trust Network saves ViDrate hours each month, by reducing the time spent pulling together data from multiple sources to create end-ofcampaign reports.

Recognition Creative Case Study

Results: Recognition uses Veracity Trust Network predominantly for the work the agency does with SETsquared, for marketing campaigns and for monitoring how each channel performs. For Recognition, using Veracity has confirmed what Emma already instinctively knew through her own experience working within a marketing and design agency. But it also providers her with the evidence shecan use to take to clients and show the effectivenessof a campaign.

Island Jay Case Study

Results: Island Jay deployed Veracity Trust Network’s ad fraud prevention across its Facebook campaigns and are now recovering and redeploying that wasted ad spend into effective ad spend clicked on by humans. That’s the equivalent of $4k a month waste saving for every $10k spent; spend that was previously being wasted on invalid bot traffic. This will inevitably result in more humans and therefore higher ROAS.

Genpower Case Study

Results: With Veracity Trust Network click fraud protection in place, the results were noticeable very quickly and in just 2 weeks Hyundai saw a 24% reduction in fraudulent traffic. This gave them over 20,000 more clicks from legitimate human visitors.

Moneypenny Case Study

Results: During the trial, the only thing that Moneypenny changed was adding Veracity Trust Network’s ad fraud prevention and the results were noticeable very quickly with an increase in calls in both the UK and the US. The leads were of much better quality, and had a 41% reduction in cost per click. After a few weeks, Moneypenny were already noticing better quality leads and they are predicted to be the best leads against target ever.

Caspian Case Study

Results: Veracity Web Threat Protection (WTP) has identified and stopped 58% of web traffic identified as Malicious Bots looking for vulnerabilities and potential attack points to the Busy Bee Branded website. This is despite having a market leading CDN solution in place.

Millionaire Case Study

Results: The agency team conducted meticulous examination of ad fraud platforms and their detection methodologies. They chose Veracity as it offers automated protection against ad fraud and is based on multi-layered detection methods which combine visitor journey tracking, fingerprinting and AI to detect non-human traffic with accuracy.

Chatter Case Study

Results: Chatter is now in the process of rolling out Veracity Trust Network to most of their clients, as an added reporting option they can buy to provide greater insight into how many candidates they’re attracting, where they come from and how many of them convert to applications from each source.

AFP One Page

Bot detection solutions that protect your online advertising from automated attacks. Ad Fraud Prevention safeguards your marketing budget, empowers marketers to accurately measure results, and reduces ad budget waste by up to 66% for brands and agencies.

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