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How to Add Your Veracity WTP Tag

Back to resources Still need help? If you need further assistance in installing your Veracity bot detection tag,  please join the support network and get help there.

Verifying the Veracity WTP Tag

When you first install the Veracity code you may want to test that it is correctly installed and that any visits to the site are monitored.

GDPR Compliance & Cookie Notices Policy

Back to resources What data does the Veracity platform capture on our website? The Veracity platform tracks all activity carried out on your website by your website visitors, including mouse movement, interaction with page elements and navigation throughout the site. By default, without any further action, the only personal information Veracity capture, as per the [...]

Browser Cache Issues

Back to resources What to do about browser cache issues Sometimes when Veracity is upgraded, we make improvements to the security and authentication layers to keep you and your data safe. Occasionally these can result in your browser becoming confused about whether or not you are signed in. If that happens to you, you will [...]

Protected by Veracity Badge

Back to resources If you are using Veracity Web Threat Protection, you may want to place one of these badges on your site, with a link to;

How Do You Detect Bots?

Back to resources We know how human visitors are likely to behave — and where they’re likely to come from. By capturing a full spectrum of activity on your website, from location to navigation habits, our AI-powered verification can accurately combine a large number of data points to assess whether or not we’re dealing with [...]

What Can Malicious Bots Really Do?

Back to resources Bot attacks can have wide-ranging goals. From scraping your content to create duplicate sites to trick customers, to attempting to break into your site to steal data or access connected systems. When your customer data, financial data and company reputation are at risk, it makes sense to close the door.