Adding a Bulk IP Exclusion List in Google Ads

At Veracity we have a huge database of known bots, these are collected from the traffic received by all of our clients, if you have an active Veracity account, bots that have targeted your ads will also be in here.

Google Ads only allows 500 IP addresses to be blocked on certain types of campaigns (see here for details). When we begin protecting your ad spend we create a bespoke list for your account based on the most recently active bots from your site and then topped up with the most active bots based on other criteria.

You need to do nothing more for this level of protection but to improve protection we have also created an audience of “Bad Bots” this should be excluded from your Google campaigns. 

To see how visit

We upload this list to your campaigns that a) have Veracity links on the ads and b) GA allows an exclusion list to be applied. To see which campaigns can or can’t be protected see here.

These lists are monitored for effectiveness and regularly refreshed.

NB: We cannot upload IP addresses to campaigns that do not contain the Veracity tracking code.

If you still have any questions about this please contact Support.