Applying Our LinkedIn Exclusion Audience

How to Use the Veracity Exclusion Audience to Improve your
LinkedIn Ads Campaign Performance.

Sharing Audiences

Note: You must have created a LinkedIn Business Manager account, and linked your Campaign Account to it.

LinkedIn Business Manager

LinkedIn Business Manager account
  1. Sign into your Business Manager Account, and select “Partners”, enter the Veracity Trust Network LinkedIn Business Manager ID (7193526161446961153) and click “Add Partner”.
Linkedin Audiences Partner
  1. Please provide your Business Manager ID (available at the top left of Business Manager under the Business Name), to Veracity and we will add you as a Partner.
  1. We will then share the Exclusion Audience with you.
Linkedin Audiences Manager Id
    1. Add the Audience to your Campaign Account.
  1. In Business Manager select “Matched Audiences” 
  2. Check the “Veracity Bad Bots Exclusion Audience” then “Share Audiences”.
  3. Check all of the Campaign Accounts you wish to use Veracity in and select “Share”.

Note: This is a dynamic audience and will continue to develop as Veracity adds more tagged bots to it.

Linkedin Audiences Audiences
Linkedin Audiences Share

Using Audiences

  1. During campaign creation or editing, in the “Audience” section select “Exclude”.
Linkedin Audiences Target
  1. Under “Audiences” > “Retargeting” > “Website” find and select “Veracity Bad Bots Exclusion Audience”.
  2. Proceed as usual with campaign setup.
Linkedin Audiences Partner

If you still have any questions about this please contact Support.