Campaign Types Protected in Google Ads

Veracity protects across these campaign types in Google:

  • Google search campaigns (including campaigns created in Search Ads 360)
  • Google partner site search campaigns
  • Display campaigns (including remarketing, app placements & affinity targeting)
  • Shopping campaigns

Google does not allow IP blocking on these campaign types; therefore, Veracity cannot protect them:

  • Video campaigns
  • App campaigns
  • Smart campaigns
  • Discovery campaigns
  • Performance Max campaigns

Why are smart campaigns not protected?

Google smart campaigns don’t allow for IP blocking. Veracity can detect and report on smart campaigns as well as all other campaign types mentioned above. With visibility of fraudulent traffic on your smart campaigns, you can act on this insight and convert high-fraud campaigns to standard campaigns and therefore start protecting them with Veracity.

See Google thread and Google resource (see note in instructions)

Campaign types that Veracity cannot detect/ protect on:

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