First Pass Bot Detection

First Pass or BotTraps

This package is responsible for the more rapid detection of potential bot activity by using browser fingerprinting analysis. In the event that this rapid analysis detects potential bot activity, the visitor is silently diverted to a non-branded Veracity owned website which captures certain information about the browser, before redirecting the visitor back to where they came from on the original website.

The process takes no more than a second, and in many cases is practically invisible to the user. This detection and potential redirection only happens once for each visitor to a website and our data indicates a less than 0.0015% false positive rate (approx. 15 people in a million), meaning that very few humans are tagged a potential bots in this way. This data is used in conjunction with the data captured by the Tracker for a better determination of the bot status of a visitor.

If you need assistance, please contact support here, or talk to your Veracity contact to arrange a help call.