Multi-Site Tracking

Veracity Multi-Site tracking is a package we can enable on websites or domains, that cause them to act as one single system to the end user. For example for account but the landing page is, the multi-site system allows the journey to be tracked across these different sites.

Why is it needed?

Veracity monitors users’ behaviour on a website, beacon does not do this for any other purpose than to validate the journey and make sure it’s not a bot and the reporting around that decision making in the insights platform, and in the interest of crime prevention as such under GDPR laws we’re operating under the necessary consent of storing data locally, and we’re committed to honouring both the law and spirit of the GDPR requirement, so in normal operating our system can’t link a user across multiple websites or domain, in fact our system is purposefully built to prevent this unless a specific set of conditions are matched, this is called Multi-Site Tracking.

How Multi-Site is enabled.

Multi-Site is a system that we manually enable after validating the domains/websites are in the same environment, you will need to let us know what urls/domains are used for your account. Once we have done this we will enable the Multi-Site Tracking for you.

How Multi-Site works on your website

When a page on your website loads, Veracity scans all links on that page and any that should be tracked as part of a single journey will have a GET parameter added to the end of the link, in the form “bcnplid=12345”.