Performance Max Campaigns

We cannot IP exclude bots on Performance Max campaigns (PMC). This is entirely down to a Google internal decision, which we at Veracity believe does nothing other than decrease performance visibility & campaign management, to the detriment of marketeers.

Performance Max is an extension to Smart Shopping. It was introduced in Nov 2021 and by the end of 2022, Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will automatically be upgraded to PMC; in fact all Smart Shopping ads will be migrated to Performance Max between July & September this year.

It is our view that most agencies will steer clear of PMC due to the lack of data transparency (agencies rely on being able to compare ads & groups targeting in campaigns), the lack of genuine targeting (another example – ads are served across the entire Google portfolio including partners, so you have no control where your ads appear and where they don’t), and general lack of control, which agencies strive for.

Veracity can continue to continue to work with you on protecting your Google search & display campaigns to reduce your bots, but until Google recognise the “bot playground” they have made with Performance Max Campaigns, and allow audience exclusion, no-one can help you protect against bots on these.