Report Variables

Veracity supports the use of numerous variables to include in reports and report templates, that are replaced by the actual value on report creation. These can be used in the Executive summary, Overview, Spend, Leads and Channel fields.

Available Variables

Impressions: {{impressions}}

Clicks: {{clicks}}

Bots percentage: {{bots_percent}}

Bounce rate: {{bounce_rate}}

Visitors: {{visitors}}

Visits: {{visits}}

Average time on site: {{avg_time_on_site}}

Engaged visitors: {{engaged_visitors}}
Average page views: {{avg_page_views}}

Leads: {{leads}}

Cost per click: {{cpc}}

Wasted spend: {{wasted_spend}}

Cost per visit: {{cpv}}

Cost per engaged visit: {{cpev}}

Cost per lead: {{cpl}}

Visits average: {{visits_average}}

Example Usage:

This campaign has generated {{visits}} real human visits from {{clicks}} natural clicks. {{engaged_visitors_percent}}% of your visitors are engaged.
On average, visitors viewed {{avg_page_views}} pages and stayed on the site for {{avg_time_on_site}} seconds. It produced {{leads}} Leads.