Setting Campaign Goals

Goals can be set at the campaign level but also defined at the account level (so all new campaigns use these settings), edit your default campaign goals here.

Veracity allows you to set four types of goal.

The default goal that Veracity tracks is Identified visitor from form fills (form submissions). If this is your desired goal you do not need to change anything.

Identified visitor from form fill

The issue of Identifiable data from form fills is explained here.

Other Goal Options

You can change the definition of a Goal to any of an Internal page, a Specific external link or a Shopify: order thank you page.

Campaign goal types

Specific External URL

A website visitor clicks on an specific external link from a Veracity link. For example, when you track a website visitor from your marketing to your website, and your goal is to direct them to another page that is not on your domain (and is without the Veracity tag), such as another product or service hosted on a partner website.

Specific external links

Now Veracity goal tracking will report if a website visitor has journeyed all the way from a Veracity link, onto your website and across any number of pages, from your website via a specific link onto one or more external sites. 

Specific Internal URL

A website visitor lands on a specific internal URL from a Veracity link. For example, if you have a specific page that you want your website visitors to end up on. This could be a ‘thank you’ page after a visitor has completed an action, or a specific piece of content that if visited is deemed a positive outcome.

Specific internal URL


Both internal and external goals accept an asterisk as a wildcard at the end of a URL. The asterisk in a wildcard matches any character zero or more times. Meaning an exact destination is not required, so target URLs can be set to* for example, so visits to and/or would each result in a goal.

The Visiting an internal page has an additional option to Support wildcard matching in URL enabling this option allows extended wildcard options. Including * matches any number of characters. You can use the asterisk * anywhere in the URL. And a ? matches a single character in a specific position.

For example:*/??? would match but not match (no is 2 characters not 3).

wildcard matching

This most useful in matching goals for eCommerce order confirmation pages. Where*/checkouts/*/thank_you would match


When a Goal has been achieved Veracity will display an icon in the visit lists.

Goal Achieved

If you have any questions about defining goals or using Veracity, please contact us here Support.