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The Veracity Tag

The Veracity on-site bot detection platform consists of several interrelated JavaScript packages.

The primary package is the “Bloader” (boot loader) which is the snippet of JavaScript we ask you to add to your website.

Upon page load, the Bloader asynchronously communicates with the Veracity servers to determine what further packages it needs to add based upon your licence with Veracity, where the licence stages are “Trial: detect”, “Trial: block”, “Subscribed” and “Subscribed MS”.

There are three packages that the Bloader can potentially add to your website.

The Tracker

The first package is the “Tracker” which is always added to the website no matter what stage the licence is at. This is the primary mechanism for capturing anonymised visitor metrics used for behavioural analysis and the detection of bots. Information captured in this way is securely transmitted to Veracity’s servers in batches using a background thread to prevent any risk of freezing the visitor browser and analysed in detail once the visit has completed.


The second package is “BotTraps” which is added at the “Trial: block” and both “Subscribed” stages, unless specifically requested to be excluded by a client.

This package is responsible for the more rapid detection of potential bot activity by using browser fingerprinting analysis. In the event that this rapid analysis detects potential bot activity, the visitor is silently diverted to a non-branded Veracity owned website which captures certain information about the browser, before redirecting the visitor back to where they came from on the original website. The process takes no more than a second, and in many cases is practically invisible to the user. This detection and potential redirection only happens once for each visitor to a website and our data indicates a less than 0.0015% false positive rate (approx. 15 people in a million), meaning that very few humans are tagged a potential bots in this way. This data is used in conjunction with the data captured by the Tracker for a better determination of the bot status of a visitor.


The third package is “Multisite” which is used solely for Veracity customers that wish to track visit data across multiple domains or subdomains within their digital portfolio. This package simply appends a URL parameter to any outbound links within a white list of URLs that make up the full potential journey within the portfolio. This package is only loaded at the “Subscribed MS” stage which is only applied by customer request.

Please note that it is not possible for Veracity to identify any visitor data at any time. Nor can Veracity track a specific visitor across different websites unless Multisite is used and then only for specific whitelisted URLs within a client portfolio.

All Veracity JavaScript uses closures to prevent any unexpected execution issues causing problems for other scripts loaded on the website. Such errors are an extremely rare occurrence, but we prefer to take a pragmatic best-practice approach at all times.

Still need help?

If you need further assistance, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.