Veracity Metrics


This is only shown for links that you have used in paid ads and where that data has been imported to Veracity. This number shows how many times an ad has been presented to someone, whether or not they clicked, although there is no guarantee that anyone has actually seen it.


This is the number of inbound clicks generated across all links in a campaign. For links used on paid ads, this is a combination of “reported clicks” (the number of clicks the ad networks say you have got) & “estimated clicks”. For other links (for example, those used on free to post social posts or in emails), this is calculated by us, based on clicks through to your website.  Further information is available here.

Page Loads

Sometimes a click, whether for a paid ad or elsewhere, will result in more than one visit recorded by Veracity; this will likely indicate a page refresh, or a bookmarked link. Page loads higher than clicks can indicate early interest by your visitors.


This is the number of real humans who clicked on campaign links to visit your site. Bots are excluded from this number.


A form of automated script or program that makes requests to websites. Bots may be beneficial (such as the Google SEO bot), but sometimes are malicious. Whichever kind they are, you don’t want to count them in your visitors and you don’t want to pay for them! We are continually refining our bot detection mechanisms.

Engaged Visitors

How many of your visitors were engaged with your website, based on various factors such as time on page, scroll depth and page views amongst others.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) without continuing to view other pages.

Hard Bounces

The percentage of visitors who left without carrying out any action, including scrolling to look further down the page they landed. These are very unengaged, but still human as best we can tell. We are continually refining our bot detection mechanisms. The percentage of visitors who interact with the page they landed on, but don’t view any other pages on the site. These may be engaged users if they have carried out the action you wanted them to on the landing page, such as watching a video, or completing a form for more information.

Average time on site

The average time on site per human visitor.

Average page views

The average number of pages viewed per human visitor.


Our unique method of measuring the quality of your traffic ranging from 1-5.

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