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How to Add Your Veracity WTP Tag

Our Bot Detection Tag is what makes Veracity unique.  Veracity and Cookies - Veracity must not be part of your cookie consent process Veracity is functional security software that does not use cookies; therefore it must not to be part of your cookie consent process. You do need to make reference to the Veracity platform [...]

Verifying the Veracity Bot Detection Tag

When you first install the Veracity code you may want to test that it is correctly installed and that any visits to the site are monitored. 1. Developer Tools, Console: F12 or right click and Inspect, to bring up the developer tools, select the "Console" tab and enter "veracity.version" and hit return. You will get [...]

GDPR Compliance & Cookie Notices Policy

What data does the Veracity platform capture on our website? The Veracity platform tracks all activity carried out on your website by your website visitors, including mouse movement, interaction with page elements and navigation throughout the site. By default, without any further action, the only personal information Veracity capture, as per the current UK General [...]