Getting Protected


Getting you Protected

Now that the Veracity platform is detecting bot activity on your ad traffic, it is time to move into the protection phase – by blocking bots from engaging with you in the future. There are three easy steps to enable this.

Please follow the tabs at the top of the page to work through these steps.

Google Analytics

Step 1: Working with Google Analytics

We redirect suspicious traffic through our URL to gather data for further analysis and visitor bot tagging. This can cause incorrect reporting of referrals in analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. We will turn on this system 3 days after you receive this resource, if you are unable to make the following change or do not want us to enable our advanced bot tagging system please let us know.

To prevent incorrect referral reporting, please complete the small modification in your GA account as detailed on

Adding Protection

Step 2: Adding Protection

Depending on the ad networks you are using, we exclude bots in different ways. To see how these work for your ads see the following links.

For Meta Ads (Facebook) see here.

For Google Ads see here.


Step 3: Monitoring the Impact

We will track the success of the protection over the remainder of your trial period, and modify the protection criteria depending on how quickly we are seeing improvements. Usually during a 4-week trial protection period, we will modify the criteria and protection audiences once or twice.

We will report initial data to you after 2 weeks and then again at 4 weeks. You can also keep an eye on the Veracity app yourself once you have added protection to your ad campaigns.

If you need assistance, please contact support here, or talk to your Veracity contact to arrange a help call.